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Legendary Games
Legendary Games produce a series of online strategy games for the growing social games market which are available to any internet enabled device.

Crash Lab


Crash Lab
Crash Lab produce a number of original and licensed gaming titles across multiple platforms.

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It's free to add your internet company to our directory, provided that your technology has been mostly coded in Nottingham, UK. Your company can be funded/managed from elsewhere, but most of your coding must have been written in Nottingham.

Mostly coded means that at least 50% of your front and backend code for your website or application was written in Nottingham.

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About Made in Nottingham

Made in Nottingham is a directory of internet companies where the majority of the technology behind the company has been made in the city of Nottingham.

Nottingham has a growing reputation as a centre of innovation, technology and creativity, and huge investments are being made in these areas. To support that, this website has been established to showcase some of the exciting and thriving internet companies that are coming out of the city, and to show the world that it's not all about having 'silicon' in a place name, we have so much to be proud of too.

Made in Nottingham was created by Nottingham Web Developer Craig Mankelow following inspiration from Made in New York.